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Huh. Apparently C is the least sexualized cup size. I did an unfiltered image search for it because I was trying to figure out something about how bras work , and was rather surprised after a moment’s thought that it had actually helped me with that goal.

So I checked… The first 40 “c cup” results were bras, but yep- “a cup”, “b cup” and “d cup” were all bared breasts. (Mostly with pornographic presentation, a few more “anatomical” looking shots. “A cup” skewed hardcore.) »


It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when Colbert replaces Letterman, it’s such a different format and audience than the Colbert report. It kind of feels like a weird move for him to make, because the audience of young, internet-saavy, predominantly college-age viewers that show up…

Personally, I suspect that a big part of it is specifically wanting to get out of the character… It’s probably pretty draining to be the opposite of who you really are near every second in public.

Anonymous asked: I'm just wondering, why do you give so much attention to mean people? No matter how well you explain yourself to them, they will never learn or stop being mean. Just don't publish their messages and ignore them. I think you're awesome, but giving in to trolls is your only flaw.


I turn a negative into a positive. I take their comments, which are very similar to comments people get in real life from family, co-workers, and strangers, and I respond with education. I give people words and tools to help them respond to those comments. I show people who are ill that they are not alone in this. And to those who don’t know this happens, I shine a spotlight on these issues. 

I don’t care about the troll. I don’t care if I change their mind. I don’t write my explanations for them. The sass.. that is for them. They get all the sass.

The price of being popular on the internet, no matter what, is that people are going to send you hate. There is no way to stop it. I had to find a way to cope with that. Turning their hate into something useful allows me to mentally handle the hate I receive. It is my way of dealing with it.

And it is appreciated.





I have a feeling one of the boys in the background learned a very special lesson that day.

I sincerely have so much admiration for this person.

File this guy next to Rollerskate Batman and Beefcake Unicorn under “guys that actually make me wish I was far more fabbo than I am.”